How Many Pictures Can 16GB Hold?
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Learn how many pictures can 16GB hold in this article that explores the various factors that impact on photo file size. There’s also some direct comparisons of how many GBs per photo for a number of popular camera models.

What’s the Best Laptop for Video Editing on a Budget 2022?
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This comprehensive articles covers the best laptop for video editing on a budget, showing you the key points that you should look out for when researching cheap video editing laptops, and gives you a few excellent choices.

Surface Slim Pen vs Surface Pen: Full Comparison
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Compare the Surface Slim Pen vs Surface Pen in this full comparison of two of the most popular pens for the Microsoft Surface line.

See how they match up in terms of accuracy and features.

How Big Is a 27 Inch Monitor?
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How big is a 27 inch monitor? Take a look at this quick article to see typical measurements for a 27-inch monitor.

How to Find the Best Resolution for 32 Inch Monitor
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This quick article shows you the best resolution for a 32 inch monitor.

What’s the Best Sublimation Paper for Epson 2720?
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Once you have your Epson 2720 ready for sublimation, then you need sublimation paper. So what is the best sublimation paper for Epson 2720?

This article covers a couple of excellent paper choices that are suitable for any inkjet printer that has been converted for sublimation.

Apple Pencil vs Samsung Pen: Which is Best for Drawing?
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A very important consideration when looking for a tablet for drawing is what the native pens are like.

This article considers the Apple Pencil vs Samsung Pen to help you decide which is the best for your needs in terms of accuracy, usability and design.

How to Choose the Best Stylus for Laptop
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If you’re looking for a pen for touch screen laptop, then this article is for you. Covering the best stylus for laptop,pl us giving you an idea of the most important points you should be considering when looking for a stylus for photo editing.

Finding the Biggest Micro SD Card
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What is the biggest micro SD card currently on the market?

This article goes through the current largest SD cards and gives you the results of real-world speed tests.

iPad vs Laptop: Pros and Cons
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If you’re unsure about whether to get an iPad or laptop then this article is for you. This covers the complete pros and cons of the iPad vs laptop. helping you to find which is best for your use case.

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