Equivalent Exposure Calculator: The Correct Exposure
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Use this equivalent exposure calculator to find out the differences in exposure value between two camera settings and how to match them up changing only the shutter speed, ISO or aperture.

Shutter Speed Calculator: What Should I Use?
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Use this shutter speed calculator to get the correct shutter speed depending on the light levels you are seeing.

Exposure Calculator for Photographers
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Use this exposure calculator to determine what exposure value your camera settings are best for.

Astrophotography Exposure Calculator (Easy to Use!)
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Use this astrophotography calculator to get accurate exposures for Milky Way photos and general star photos.

15 of Today’s Most Famous Black and White Photographers
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See a comprehensive list of the most famous black and white photographers, with explanations of their work and some example photos.

My Best Free Photoshop Sky Overlays (20+ Skies)
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Download some free Photoshop sky overlays to use with the sky replacement tool to automatically pop a new sky into your photos.

TIFF vs RAW: Differences Explained
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See the differences between TIFF vs RAW in this article exploring the ins and outs of the two file formats, including photos to illustrate the differences.

RAW vs JPEG: Compare the Differences
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Compare the differences between RAW vs JPEG in this article looking at these two image formats.

There are also photo examples showing when you might want to use one over the other.

Megapixels vs Resolution: Which Matters More?
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What’s the difference between megapixels vs resolution? Read this if you want to know which is more important when it comes to your photography and how they compare.

16:9 vs 4:3 Which is Best for Photography?
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The 16:9 vs 4:3 aspect ratio debate in photography is explored in this article, looking at which aspect ratio is best for you and your photos, which will depend on how you are displaying your photos.

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