15 Christmas Gifts for Photographers 2022

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This guide covers the best Christmas Gifts for Photographers in 2022. Any of these products would make an excellent gift, with most of them suitable for any type of photographer and any camera.

There’s a mix of fun, cheap photography gifts and some more high-end options that will help the photographer in your life to expand their photographic horizons and excel.

If your photographer is just starting out, then you may want to check out the guide on the best gifts for beginner photographers, but either way, if you want something unique and special as a Christmas present for a photographer, you should find it here!

christmas gifts for photographers

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

1. Luminar Neo Image Editor

luminar neo screenshot

Skylum are one of the premier software companies for photo editing, with Luminar Neo their cutting-edge photo editor that has quickly become one of the most used pieces of software by photographers.

The real advantage of Luminar Neo over similar programs like Lightroom and Photoshop is the use of AI algorithms to help make complex edits much more simple, such as replacing the sky or adding atmosphere to landscape photos, or perfecting portraits.

Better yet, Luminar has no real learning curve, with very simply named sliders that control all of these actions. It is also available for a one-off fee, unlike Adobe’s software which can only be bought on a monthly subscription.

I would highly recommend Luminar as an alternative to Lightroom and as a photo editing package that any photographer would appreciate.

You can read my review of Luminar Neo, plus a comparison to Lightroom, and you can download some of my free Luminar Neo presets to get you started.

2. SmugMug Portfolio Builder

photography gifts

Every photographer doesn’t just want to take photos, but also to show them off to others. There is no better way to do this than using SmugMug, a photo website builder that is both simple to use and cheap.

You can buy a gift subscription that allows your photographer to then create their own basic portfolio site in minutes, with a really professional site possible within an hour.

Many of the world’s top photographers use SmugMug to host their portfolios, so anyone using them is in very good company. You can see some examples of SmugMug websites for inspiration and ideas.

You also get unlimited cloud storage for your photos, even on the cheapest plan, meaning that this can also be used as a backup service, to ensure that you never lose your photos from a broken hard drive or similar.

3. Phlearn Tutorials

Phlearn gifts for photographers

Phlearn are well known in the photography space as the people to learn photo editing skills from. Aaron Nace, who founded Phlearn, has been making free tutorials on YouTube for years, and they have always been fantastic – I have learned so much from them over the years.

They specialize in tutorials for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, services that pretty much every photographer will use, and offer the absolute best tutorials, plus additional presets and actions that come in very handy.

They now have a set yearly price which gives access to all of their pro tutorials for the full year. This is a massive bonus, and means that if you buy a gift membership for the photographer in your life, they will get access to a full year’s worth of learning, with over 200 pro tutorials, in addition to the massive collection of free tutorials.

Peak Design sling bag

4. Peak Design Sling Bag

Peak Design sling bags are widely considered the best camera bags, with plenty of space for lenses and a camera, plus accessories.

They have a simple design that makes them easier to wear and gives easy access to your photography gear – a win all round.

Peak Design Strap

5. Peak Design Slide Strap

A strap is one of the most overlooked, yet important camera accessories. If you are carrying your camera all day, you want something comfortable, but also safe.

Most camera straps wear at the join with the camera, but Peak Design have solved this problem with their innovative anchor link system, much reducing the chance of you getting a broken lens from a strap failure.

This is the best strap that you can use, and is a very worthy gift for a photographer.

Aura Carver photo frame

6. Aura Carver Luxe Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames can be a bit of nightmare to research, as there are so many knock-off brands that don’t do a good job.

The Aura Carver is one of the very best though, with the photo almost appearing to be a printed picture.

If you want a photo frame, then the Aura Carver gives you your money’s worth, and is also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

Kodak 4x6 photo printer

7. Kodak Dock Plus

As the best 4×6 photo printer, the Kodak Dock Plus is ideal for printing photos from a phone or camera, if you want a small printed picture right now.

This is also particularly useful for parties or for sharing photos with friends and family, as you get images nearly instantly when compared with going to a lab.

Manfrotto PIXI tripod

8. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

This mini tripod is perfect for phone photography or for using your mirrorless camera close to the ground, such as for macro photography.

It’s very well designed, with a particular emphasis on the legs, which form a handhold when in the closed position.

Cokin ND filters

9. Cokin Expert Creative Filter Kit

Any photographer getting into landscape photography would really benefit from a neutral density filter kit. This kit comes with adapters to fit multiple lens types, and allows you to take well-balanced exposures of sunsets, long exposures of waterfalls, and really unlocks the power of your camera.

portable SSD

10. Sandisk Portable SSD

Having good photo backup solutions when away from home is always a challenge, but Sandisk, one of the world leaders in memory card manufacture, have solved this problem with a very small, 1TB SSD, that is tough enough to travel and with enough capacity to take even memory hungry cameras in its stride.

memory card reader

11. Memory Card Multi-Reader

One of the bains of my life as a photographer is the cast number and types of memory card that you accumulate.

Each camera seems to want a different type of card, but this reader will cover all of them, making it very simple to transfer photos straight to your computer.

DxO photo lab

12. DxO Photo Lab Editing Software

DxO offer a fantastic photo editor in their PhotoLab software, but also have an Adobe add-on in the Nik Collection.

This is something that I have used for years and find it so useful for my own photo editing. I’m sure any photographer would appreciate this software, which has the advantage of a one-off price, without monthly subscription.

best book for beginner photographers

13. Digital Photography Complete Course

A complete 20-week course in one hardcover book makes this book from DK one of the top picks in photo education.

Full of really useful, detailed info, including diagrams and real photos to illustrate each point, you will quickly learn everything needed to get up to speed on digital photography.

14. 3 Legged Thing Zelda L-Bracket

Although a tripod accessory might not seem like the most exciting gift, the Zelda bracket from 3 Legged Thing is a real piece of beauty.

It allows photographers to quickly switch between landscape and portrait orientation when using a tripod and is absolutely the best L-bracket that you can buy.

15. Hahnel PROCUBE2

One of the major problems with many modern cameras is their short battery lives.

The Procube is a double-battery charger than uses standard AA batteries to charge the proprietary camera batteries – make sure you choose the right one for your camera brand.

These are really useful for photographers who shoot regularly away from home.

Final Thoughts on Photography Christmas Gifts

Although finding a photography Christmas gift can seem like hard work, there’s actually plenty of really good Christmas presents for photographers ideas out there.

Hopefully this list has given you some inspiration, and if you can think of something else that should be added, please add it in the comments below!

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