Film Developing in Portland: The BEST Places

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Film developing in Portland is not the large industry it once was, but there are still a handful of excellent photo labs available, all ready to handle disposable camera developing, 35mm, and 120 film developing.

Looking at reviews, it can be tough to find somewhere reputable that develops film in Portland. Do you trust the one-star reviews, the five-star reviews, or neither?

I’ve looked for examples of people who regularly use these services to get an idea of which are the top Portland film labs, and which you can trust with your film.

So, if you want to know where to develop film in Portland, then read on for the full low-down.

The Best Places for Film Developing in Portland

All of these locations are excellent choices to develop 35mm film in Portland – you shouldn’t take the positions given as fixed.

Pro Photo Supply

Address: 1112 NW 19th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503-241-1112
C-41 (Color) E-6 (Slide) B&W
120 (Medium Format) Large Format APS
Rated 4.4
from 475 reviews

What Do Their Customers Say?

Great turnaround time on my medium format film. Everywhere else in town was two weeks. These folks processed negatives and sent scans in a couple days. Friendly, professional and safe.

Google Reviews

With the ability to process any film you bring to them – including old, odd and expired film – Pro Photo Supply cover every base that you might need as an analogue photographer.

You can get same day developing with drop-off before 1pm, and they’ll also do pushing and pulling of most film for a small extra fee.

There’s also a vast range of standard and archival prints possible, along with mounting and wall art.

Citizens Photo

Address: 3070 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-232-8501
C-41 (Color) E-6 (Slide) B&W
120 (Medium Format) Large Format APS
Rated 4.5
from 198 reviews
Website / Instagram

What Do Their Customers Say?

This is the closest lab to Seattle that develops sheet film. I have sent in two orders so far and have been happy with the results, prices, and speed.

Google Reviews

One of the oldest photo labs in Portland, Citizens Photo will process color film up to 8×10 and black and white up to 11×14, plus all the smaller, standard sizes of film.

There’s a 3 hour develop-only service Monday – Friday from 8am to 2pm for C-41 and B&W, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday for E-6.

Note that they are only open Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm, so don’t go on a weekend.

Portland Camera Service

Address: 6356 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 971-202-7568
C-41 (Color) E-6 (Slide) B&W
120 (Medium Format) Large Format APS
Rated 5
from 15 reviews
Website / Instagram

What Do Their Customers Say?

Truly a phenomenal camera shop. Fair pricing. knowledgeable staff.

Google Reviews

Portland Camera Service don’t seem to do film developing on site (they are in a shopping center location after all), but can handle a wide variety of film, and include the possbility of cross-processing E-6 and C-41 film.

There are a handful of film types that they can’t process though, including ECN and Kodachrom K-14, so if you are using a more specialized film type, then check their website before visiting.

Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Address: 8417 N Lombard St, Portland, OR 97203
Phone: 503-978-0333
C-41 (Color) E-6 (Slide) B&W
120 (Medium Format) Large Format APS
Rated 4.9
from 246 reviews
Website / Instagram

What Do Their Customers Say?

They’re a great place to buy a new camera and get your film developed.

Google Reviews

Blue Moon offer mail-in film development as well as in-person drop-off, with prices pretty similar to other labs in the Portland area.

They also offer ECN2 and C-22 processing, making them one of the few labs in the area that do, and will also process 16mm still film, which is a very uncommon service to find these days.

The usual scanning, printing and enlargement options are also there.

Photo Lab

Address: 16324 Bryant Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: 503-635-5419
C-41 (Color) E-6 (Slide) B&W
120 (Medium Format) Large Format APS
Rated 4.8
from 77 reviews
Website / Instagram

What Do Their Customers Say?

I come here almost monthly to get my film developed and it’s the absolute best! The photos always come out perfect.

Google Reviews

Although only a small, family owned lab, Photo Lab is known for their very fast turnaround for color film (typically 1 – 2 days), thanks to the in-house film development from the lab owner.

Black and white is an out-lab service, and there’s no large format developing options, but if you want quick, cheap and high quality C-41 35mm developing, then Photo Lab is the place to go.

Film Developing Portland Map

Here’s the best places for film developing in Portland on a larger map of the area.

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