5 Personalized Gifts for Photographers 2023

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If you want something really unique to gift to the photographer in your life, then you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift. These make ideal gifts for people who like photography and show that you have really put some thought into your gift.

There are a few quick ideas for things that make excellent personalized gifts for photographers below, but you should also check out the cheap gifts for photographers under $50 for more ideas.

Personalized gifts for photographers

Personalized Gifts for Photographers

1. Personalized Camera Strap

Personalized Camera Strap, gift for photographers

A decent camera strap can be hard to come by, so it’s a joy to find a genuine leather strap that safely holds your camera, but can also be personalized.

This model is suitable for any camera, and is one of the best reviewed straps around.

2. Personalized Photography Sign

Personalised photography sign

Every photographer would (at least secretly) want their own sign for their studio or editing room. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have a personalized sign, as these are cheap and can be customized to whatever you require.

3. Personalized USB Stick

Personalized photography gift

If you want to send your photos to someone, or you want to provide a permanent home for a set of photos, then a personalized USB stick makes an excellent gift.

These are made from wood and can be engraved with your own message.

4. Film Keychain

Personalized film keychain

One of the most unique gifts that you can buy for a photographer is this keychain which contains up to 15 of their own photos. These are printed onto a roll of photo paper that rolls into a film canister for storage.

If you can get hold of some photos, this means that the photographer in your life can carry around their photos wherever they go.

5. Acrylic or Metal Print

Acrylic Blocks & Wall Decor
Acrylic block print
Metal Prints
A standard metal print

If you want something a bit more impressive, and can get hold of some photos that you want to print, then both acrylic and metal prints make an excellent choice. For a comparison of acrylic vs metal prints, then take a look at the linked article.

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