Unlock Photoshop-Like Powers in Lightroom

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Download The Lightroom Develop System For Free!

This is a quick overview of how to unlock Photoshop-like powers in Lightroom, using the totally free Lightroom Develop System, which is divided into four areas: dynamic range, colour, tone curve and image stylisations.

There are over 1000 stackable presets, plus brushes that can enhance sunsets, skies and clouds, adding localised HDR and creating tilt-shift and light leak effects. All of these effects have presets and/or brushes that will help you create them quickly and easily, as part of the totally free Lightroom Develop System, which you can download from www.lapseoftheshutter.com.

This is only scratching the surface of what’s possible in Lightroom. You can turn on streetlights, or paint in sunsets, and much more. If that sounds interesting to you, there are plenty more free text and video tutorials on www.lapseoftheshutter.com, where you can also download the totally free Lightroom Develop System, the Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack and the Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades.

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Hi, I'm Tim Daniels, photographer and photo trainer, founder of Lapse of the Shutter and creator of the totally free Lightroom Develop System. I've travelled to (probably) 30 countries over the last few years, taking photos and licensing them around the world, and creating lots of free photography learning resources. Read More ...

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