Boring Photos? Don't Like It?

Want to Understand Landscape Colour Grading in Photoshop?

One totally free download …

  • 10 Stackable One-Click Landscape & Cityscape Colour Grades
  • Boost Sunsets, Streetlights, Blue Hour and more …
  • Learn How to Create Your Own Colour Grades
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and onwards

Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades

“Colour Grade Your Photos in Seconds”

The Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades in Action!
The Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades in Action!

The Landscape Colour Grades Let You:

  • Quickly & Easily Get Colours Right, first time
  • Stack Colour Grades with the minimum of fuss
  • Power-Up your Photoshop workflow
  • Fix Sunset Colours, Blue Hour Colours, City Streetlight Colours and more…
  • Learn more about how to perfect colours with the Landscape Colour Grade pack

The Landscape Colour Grades Do Not:

  • Replace your own creativity

” It’s so easy to go overboard with colour. Making subtle changes that enhance rather than destroy our photos can be difficult to achieve, even if you know how to do it.

But experimenting with colour in a way that still feels natural doesn’t have to be difficult.

This collection of ten colour grades gives you subtle control over the colour of your photos in Photoshop. They are fully stackable, easy to install, easy to use and should speed up your workflow. Watch the video to see them in action and also how to create your own colour grades. “


What do the Landscape Colour Grades do?

One Click Colour Fixes
Malta After Colour Grading
Red Clouds Colour Grade

Paris After Colour Grading
Late Blue Hour, Streelights & Golden Hour Colour Grades
Malta after colour grading
Late Blue Hour & Golden Hour Colour Grades

Paris After Colour Grading
Early Blue Hour & Streetlights Colour Grades

Angkor Wat After Colour Grading
Sunrise Colour Grade
Golden Hour Colour Grade

Who are the Landscape Colour Grades for?

New Photographers

Beginner Camera

Can you not get colours to look how you want?
Do you not understand colour grading?
Get Colours How You Want Them

More Experienced Photographers

Intermediate Camera

Is Colour and Grading the only thing you don’t understand?
Do you want to experiment with colour?

Finally understand colour grading

Advanced Photographers

Advanced Camera

Does it take too much time to perfect colours?
Do you wish the digital workflow was speeded up?

Get Simplicity and Speed in Colour Grading


How complicated is it? Will I understand it?
The Landscape Colour Grades are very simple to use. It takes just a couple of clicks to access them in Photoshop once installed. Look at this video for an example of how to use them.
Won't this make my photos look like those of everyone else who uses it?
This is an aid to developing your personal style, not a replacement for it.
What programs does this need?
The Landscape Colour Grades work with all desktop versions of Photoshop from CS6 onwards
How do I install the colour grades?
Full installation instructions are included with the download.

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