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This is a place for those of you interested in landscape photography and cityscape photography.

It’s fun, right? We all know the buzz of excitement when you finally get a photo just how you want it. And to get that buzz, you have to learn techniques to create the photos you want.


I want to help, so I’ve created loads of photography resources, with the best bits available inside the library. You’ll get most out of them if you love photographing and processing landscapes or cityscapes.



What’s In the Library?

Lightroom Develop System CC

The Lightroom Develop System CC

A collection of stackable presets full of colour grades, dynamic range presets and brushes, all designed to remove the frustration of not being able to create the photo you want. Create amazing landscape photos without leaving Lightroom. Learn more …

Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack

The Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack

17 powerful and easy to use actions to help you get colours right, first time, everytime. Colour Grade your Photos Like the Pros. Learn more …

Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades

The Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades

Subtle yet powerful, easy to use colour grades to finally get your landscape and cityscape photos how you want them. Learn how to experiment with colour, but still keep it natural. Learn more …


These are all exclusive to members. Once you’re in, you get access to the entire library. Everything.

And it’s free to join. (I’ll even throw in a money back guarantee 😀 )

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Get Free Access to the Club Library with …

    • The Lightroom Develop System CC for quick and powerful processing in Lightroom
    • The Photoshop Easy Colour Control Powerpack for a streamlined workflow in Photoshop
    • The Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades for easy colour grading in Photoshop
    • A Weekly Newsletter full of photo processing tips and tricks
  • Early Access to any new learning resources


Why is this worth my time? Why should I sign up?
My philosophy is to create free resources that are better than anyone else’s paid resources. They will simply help you to create the kinds of photos you can picture in your head, the kind you want to create but don’t know how. I also send out a weekly email full of exclusive content and tips & tricks that you won’t find anywhere else. My promise to you: no spam, lots of useful help with your photography.
What Versions of Lightroom / Photoshop Do the Library Resources Require?
The Lightroom Develop System requires Lightroom version 4 or later. The Colour Control ActionPack requires Photoshop CC, but can be used on earlier versions of Photoshop with a simple plugin install. The Landscape Colour Grades require Photoshop CS6 or later.
How Safe is My Email Address?
Your email address will not be shared, sold, or even seen by anyone other than me, Tim Daniels.
How Easy is it to Unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe at any time by following the link at the bottom of any of my emails.

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