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Want to Create Beautiful Landscape Photos Entirely in Lightroom?

  • Fully Stackable Dynamic Range, Colour, Tone & Stylisations Presets and Brushes
  • A Guided Workflow to Quickly & Easily Develop Your Own Personal Style
  • Unique Colour Grades for Pristine Colour Control
  • Access Powerful Photoshop Tricks in Lightroom
  • Fully compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & Classic CC

A collection of stackable presets designed to remove the frustration of not being able to create the photo you want.

The Lightroom Develop System

“Lightroom for Landscape Photographers”

Most Lightroom Presets are a hassle for Landscape and Cityscape photographers. They are badly organised, badly named and worst of all they don’t help you make the photos you want to make. They clutter your Lightroom workspace, you don’t know what they do until you click on them … then you find out you don’t like what they do.

How many presets have you downloaded? How many do you use? How many work for you?

So you go back online and get some more. Repeat until your partner tells you to “stop looking at that rubbish”.

Do you want your Lightroom Presets to work for you, not the other way round?

Me too, so I made this system. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.


Here’s what you get, all totally free:

Complete Colour Grades for Landscape and Cityscape Photos

  • Revolutionary White Balance Colour Overlays add colour depth to your photos through only changing the white balance!
  • Hue, Saturation and Luminance Colour Grades with precise & stackable control of individual colours, including Green Foliage boosts, Streetlight boosts and Sunset Boosts.
  • Unique Colour Grade Split-Toning adds a subtle effect to your photos
  • Powerful RGB Tone Curves let you boost red sunsets, blue skies, city blue hours and more …
The Lightroom Develop System in Action

Easy Dynamic Range and HDR Effects

The Lightroom Develop System in Action

  • 7 Types of Dynamic Range Effects on an easy to visualise sliding scale
  • Independent Brights & Darks Dynamic Range Control
  • Powerful HDR Brushes to paint dynamic range back into a scene
  • Low & High Contrast Structure & Detail Effects using the latest features of Lightroom and more …

Powerful Photoshop Level Special Effects

  • Sun, Sky & Cloud Brushes to add sun flares and light rays, make blue skies pop and boost detail in any clouds
  • Ready to use Tilt-Shift & Light Leak Effects
  • Subtle Coloured Vignettes to enhance colour grades
  • Complete Film Pack to emulate old films like Fuji Velvia, Kodak Portra and more …
The Lightroom Develop System in Action

The System includes:

  • Over 1000 Fully Stackable presets divided into four complementary groups
  • Descriptive Names so you know exactly what each preset does, before you click on it
  • Does not process your photos for you – you still need your own creativity

  • 62 One-Click Recipes and 11 Film Emulation Presets
  • 12 Revolutionary White Balance Colour Grade Overlays
  • 15 Quick Effects and Corrections Presets to get your photos where you want them faster
  • 33 Quick Dynamic Range and HDR presets, with tens of detailed refinements
  • Hundreds of HSL, Split-Toning and Tone Curve Colour Grades from dramatic sunsets to city streetlights, with full and detailed luminance and hue control
  • The Unique Colour Visualiser to help you understand colour grading
  • 44 Graduated Filters for powerful sky effects
  • 38 Image Stylisations including Tilt-Shift, Light Leaks and more
  • 48 Basic and Coloured Vignettes
  • And, 67 Brushes including a suite of Sunset, Sky/Cloud and HDR effects
The Lightroom Develop System CC
The Lightroom Develop System CC
Get the Lightroom Develop System for Free!
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What Can the Lightroom Develop System Do?

Create amazing photos without leaving Lightroom

Get the Lightroom Develop System for Free!
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Who is the Lightroom Develop System for?

New Photographers

Beginner Camera

Does Lightroom seem too complex, too confusing?
Where do you even start?
A Guided Tool to Learn Lightroom

More Experienced Photographers

Intermediate Camera

Do you play around with sliders but can’t really make your photos into what you want?
Do you want new creative ideas?

A Shortcut to Develop Your Personal Style

Advanced Photographers

Advanced Camera

Does it take too much time to process, edit, deliver results?
Do you wish the digital workflow was speeded up?

Simplicity and Speed in Lightroom


How is this different from the trillions of other Lightroom Presets out there?

The Lightroom Develop System contains fully stackable presets, divided into four complementary groups: Dynamic Range & Structure, Colour, Tone Curve and Stylisations. Within each group, presets span wide-ranging to tightly focused effects to give you total precision, and presets from different groups do not override one another. This means that you have much greater control over your processing than with standard presets.

How complicated is it? Will I understand it?

The Lightroom Develop System is complex rather than complicated. That means that it can make massive positive differences to your processing without being difficult to use. Why not take a look at this video to see it in action, and also this video on how to fully take advantage of the system. They should help you decide if this is a good fit for you.

Won’t this make my photos look like those of everyone else who uses it?

The short answer: No. Why? The system is designed to aid you in developing your personal style, not replace your style. Also, the total number of ways that the Lightroom Develop System presets can be combined is in the hundreds of thousands.

What programs does this need?

The Lightroom Develop System fully works on desktop versions of Lightroom from Version 4 onwards (ie. Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & Classic CC). A small number of presets use features only available in Lightroom Classic, so this version is recommended, though you won’t miss much if you don’t have it.

How do I install it?

Full installation instructions for both Mac and PC are included with the download. If you have any problems, you can contact me.

Why did I make this?

I’ve been taking photos with my DSLR for over 6 years now, with tens of published book covers to my name.

Over the years I have downloaded countless Lightroom presets. Some were good, some weren’t, but none lasted long term. They never gave me what I wanted: a way to develop my own style, without replacing it.

So I started making my own presets, building in the ability to stack multiple presets on top of one another, with subtle, natural effects. After much trial and error, I combined the presets into one system, the Lightroom Develop System CC, which I make freely available, because I’m nice 🙂

I hope it’s as useful to you as it is to me.


Get the Lightroom Develop System for Free!
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9 Responses

  1. MN
    | Reply

    Hi Tim, Thanks for your hard work! You are a great resource. I can’t believe I hadn’t found your site earlier.

    I downloaded your Lightroom presets but I am confused on the names and why some of them are not working when I click on them. I’m using Lightroom Classic 8.4 (August 2019 release). Can you tell me which page I can go to to fix this?

    • Tim Daniels
      | Reply

      Thanks for your kind words. This site has not been up for long, which is probably why you hadn’t found it sooner 🙂

      I am also using that release of Lightroom Classic and all the presets work for me, so could you give me some more info and I’ll see what I can do to fix it? What OS are you using – Windows or Mac? Could you give me an example of the presets that don’t work?

      Also, I should perhaps have pointed out that a number of presets in the system are blank, and are used as spacers. There are probably a few tens of these, in addition to the over 1000 active presets. These should be obvious though; they are the ones that have titles like: 2 «=== Basic Colours ===»

  2. Camellia Staab
    | Reply

    Hi Tim,
    I found my way here based on a video I saw of your tutorial “Properly Create the Wakui Cinematic Effect”. I like the way you explain every step and go “slowly” so one can follow all the way. I find it to my liking very much. Naturally after watching the video I came here and signed up to receive your newsletters and such. I also downloaded your freebies, thank you for adding them. But I have run into a snafu and not sure why. I followed you detailed instructions as far as installing the Lr Develop System and something is off. Quite honestly I have done them several ways and still encounter the same problem. I have several presets, some bought some free, so I wanted to make sure that yours were in a folder of their own so went to the folder under C:\Users\[YourName]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings and created a folder with your name, copied and pasted the XML files ( mind you I did this both ways….creating a folder and/or just pasting in setting as your directions indicate). Either way I end up with my preset folder looking all messed up and by that I mean that “your coding” is all over the preset folder. They could be the blank ones that you refer to in the above comments, and if they are is there a way to get rid of them without messing the other working one? I am using Lr classic and the newest version. So I am not sure why this is happening and what I need to do to rectify. Thanks for your help.

    • Tim Daniels
      | Reply

      Hi Camellia
      I think the issue is to do with how presets are sorted by Lightroom. Essentially, they are stored alphabetically or by number from smallest to largest, based on the first character. As my presets currently all start with a number, if you have any other presets that also start with a number, the presets will get mixed together in the Develop tab in Lightroom. You can quickly fix this yourself, by right clicking on each of the main folder presets in Develop, eg. 1 «LR Develop System == RECIPES», and adding a new character in front, such as “-“. This should then group all the presets together. In this case though, I think everyone would benefit, so I will make the update myself and email this to everyone. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  3. Robert
    | Reply

    I’ve already subscribed but can’t see where to login. Can you give me the correct URL. Thanks

    • Tim Daniels
      | Reply

      There is currently no separate membership page – you receive everything via email, so check there!

  4. Buck
    | Reply

    Thankyou Tim appreciated

  5. Chris
    | Reply

    Incredibly impressive and incredibly generous of you. Can’t wait to try this out on some of my older photos. THANK YOU!!!!!

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