Download The Photoshop Color Control ActionPack For Free!

Want to Know How to Manage Colours Pristinely?

  • Do for Colour what luminosity masks do for exposure
  • Take Control of Colour Grading
  • Make Sunsets Glow
  • Non-destructive Dodge & Burn
  • Finalize your photos with Sharpening, Noise Reduction and more…

The Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack

“Experiment with colour in a way that feels natural”

Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack

The ActionPack Lets You:

  • Leads you through a Photoshop Workflow to perfect your landscape photos, first time
  • Do for Colour what luminosity masks do for exposure
  • Quickly & Easily Colour Grade your photos like the pros
  • Make your Sunsets Glow, apply Pro-Level Contrast and more…
  • Learn more about how to colour grade with saturation masks

The ActionPack Does Not:

  • Take all the fun out of post-processing

” Post-processing doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. This ActionPack gives you a shortcut to develop the colours you want in Photoshop, and to finalise your photos. I struggled for a long time to get my photos just right. I made this to help me. I hope it helps you too. “


What Can the Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack Do?

Helps You Get Colours Right, First Time, Everytime

Rice Terraces III
Lake District
Stockholm Metro
Forbidden City
Quarry Bay
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Who is the Photoshop Colour Control ActionPack for?

New Photographers

Beginner Camera

Can you not get colours how you want them?
Where do you even start?
A Guided Tool to Learn Colour Grading

More Experienced Photographers

Intermediate Camera

Do you play around in Photoshop but can’t really make your photos into what you want?
Do you go overboard with colour grading?

A Shortcut to Confident Colour Control

Advanced Photographers

Advanced Camera

Does it take too much time to process, edit, deliver results?
Do you wish the digital workflow was speeded up?

Simplicity and Speed in Photoshop


What are Saturation Masks and how do they let me colour grade?

Saturation masks are a way of selecting parts of your photos based on how saturated colours are, independent of luminosity or hue. This lets you modify the tone and colour balance exclusively of areas of high or low saturation for example. To learn more, see this tutorial on using saturation masks.

How is this different from the trillions of other Photoshop Action Packs out there?

These actions are designed specifically for landscape and cityscape photographers like me, who want to control colour and finalise their photos. The vast majority of available actions are pretty useless for this. If you want to see specifically what they can do, watch this runthrough of a photo.

How complicated is it? Will I understand it?

The ActionPack is simple to install and use, but it can be used in a number of complex ways if you wish. An introductory tutorial is available here.

Won’t this make my photos look like those of everyone else who uses it?

These actions are designed to give you greater control over your photos, so that you can more easily apply your own creativity, and make something special and personal. They are about getting at what is inside you, not about replacing you.

What programs does this need?

These actions are designed for Photoshop CC. If you use an earlier version of Photoshop, you may have to manually install an Adobe plugin that is installed as standard with Photoshop CC, in order to use the saturation mask actions. This installation is quick and easy, with full instructions included.

How do I install it?

Full installation instructions are included with the download. If you have any problems, you can contact me here.

Get the Photoshop Color Control Action Pack for free!
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