Why Aren’t My Photos Successful?
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Why do technically poor photos become successful? We’ve all seen it – photos that don’t get anywhere near the technical highs, yet people like them, share them, comment on them. Why? You’ve paid attention to techniques, you’ve watched all the … Read More

How to Enjoy Photography
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In the early days of my photographic adventures, my enjoyment of photography would waver. Usually, I would have a great day taking photos, trying new angles, testing new ways of seeing the same scene. Then I would get home, upload … Read More

Thoughts on 4 Years of Living and Photographing on the Road
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For about four years from 2013 – 2017, I spent most of my time travelling across Europe and Asia with my wife, sometimes staying in one place for a time, sometimes moving every few days, taking photos as we went. … Read More

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