Canon AE-1 Manual: FREE PDF Download!
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View the Canon AE 1 manual and download it as a PDF – perfect if you need to look up a detail on this film camera.

BMP vs TIFF: Full Comparison
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Compare BMP vs TIFF image types to see which is the ideal format for you to use. If you don’t know the difference between TIFF or BMP, then this article is for you.

15 of Today’s Most Famous Black and White Photographers
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See a comprehensive list of the most famous black and white photographers, with explanations of their work and some example photos.

24 vs 27 Inch Monitor: Which is Better?
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Finding the ideal monitor can be tricky. This article compares 24 vs 27 inch monitors to see the pros and cons of each, and to show you what each is best used for.

XGIMI Elfin Review (REAL WORLD Test)
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This Xgimi Elfin review covers everything you should care about when looking for a highly portable projector. See how the Elfin stacks up in real world tests, and whether it is good value for money.

15 Best 70s Color Palettes (from Genuine 1970s Photos)
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When you look around the web for 70s color palettes, many of the photos you see are actually from the 1950s or 60s, not the 1970s.

This article has color palettes from photos taken only in the 70s, perfect for your design needs.

13 Best Places to Develop Film in NYC (+ 1 to AVOID!)
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Read this if you want to know where to develop film in NYC, with this article covering the best places for film developing across all of New York City.

21 Free Photoshop Sky Overlays – Download NOW!
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Download some free Photoshop sky overlays to use with the sky replacement tool to automatically pop a new sky into your photos.

67 Free Lightroom Brushes – Download NOW!
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Download free Lightroom brushes and brush presets right now, to immediately taker your portrait and landscape photos to the next level!

What is a 50mm Lens Good For?
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If you’re not sure of the benefits of a 50mm lens, then check this article out on what is a 50mm lens good for, giving you 9 uses for your 50mm lens.

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