Best Tablets for Photo Editing 2020
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Discover which are the best tablets for photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Maybe you don’t need a laptop or desktop computer any more?

Carbon Fiber vs Aluminum Tripod – What’s the Difference?
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What are the pros and cons of carbon fiber vs aluminum tripods? They vary in stability, weight, and cost. Find out how to choose the best tripod for you, here.

How to Create Photos You Can Be Proud Of
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I’ve found that photographers tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to processing: either they believe photos should be a documentary record of the scene that was in front of you, with minimal processing allowed, or … Read More

The ‘Fit Screen’ Challenge!
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How often do you look at your own images at 100%? Probably a lot, right? But how often do you look at anyone else’s images at 100%? Unless you’re trying to learn some specific technique, I guess almost never. So … Read More

Should I Switch from Canon to Nikon or Go Mirrorless?
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Tl;dr No There’s a common misconception in photography that you see repeated across photography sites and forums: that the camera you are using makes a difference to the photos you produce. Sure, for certain kinds of photography, like sports, your … Read More

Is It OK That ‘You Can’t Trust Any Images Anymore’?
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I’ve seen a number of people ask is it ok that ‘you can’t trust any images anymore’ due to the presence of digital manipulation? We all know that plenty of manipulation went on in the darkroom days, but is what … Read More

Why Aren’t My Photos Successful?
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Why do technically poor photos become successful? We’ve all seen it – photos that don’t get anywhere near the technical highs, yet people like them, share them, comment on them. Why? You’ve paid attention to techniques, you’ve watched all the … Read More

How to Enjoy Photography
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In the early days of my photographic adventures, my enjoyment of photography would waver. Usually, I would have a great day taking photos, trying new angles, testing new ways of seeing the same scene. Then I would get home, upload … Read More

Thoughts on 4 Years of Living and Photographing on the Road
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For about four years from 2013 – 2017, I spent most of my time travelling across Europe and Asia with my wife, sometimes staying in one place for a time, sometimes moving every few days, taking photos as we went. … Read More

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