Digital Blending Part 3
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Landscapes Masterclass Table of Contents Part I: Introduction & Full Video Workflow Part II: Using Lightroom (or Adobe Camera RAW) Part III: 10. Multiple Exposure Blending 11. Time Blending 12. Object Blending 13. Double Process Blending Part IV: Using Photoshop … Read More

Digital Blending Part 2
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Part 2: Landscapes Masterclass Table of Contents Part I: Introduction & Full Video Workflow Part II: 4. Using Lightroom (or Adobe Camera RAW) 5. The Most Important Slider 6. Finalising in Lightroom – Dynamic Range & Structure 7. Colour Grading … Read More

Thoughts on 4 Years of Living and Photographing on the Road
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For about four years from 2013 – 2017, I spent most of my time travelling across Europe and Asia with my wife, sometimes staying in one place for a time, sometimes moving every few days, taking photos as we went. … Read More

How to Blend Any Two Landscape Photos
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Easy Photo Blending Blending photos is a powerful way to make landscape and cityscape photos interesting and unique. This tutorial is part of the Landscapes Masterclass series. Take a look if you haven’t already. This tutorial gives you how-to’s for … Read More

How to Add Colour Depth with White Balance
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The Power of White Balance in Lightroom This is part of the Landscapes Masterclass series. The white balance settings in Lightroom not only set the general, overall colour cast of your photos, but are one of the most powerful ways … Read More

Get Colours Like the Pros with Saturation Masks
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Easy Colour Control in Photoshop “I’ve blended my exposures, but my photo still doesn’t look like how I want it to look. Now what?” To jump straight into using Saturation Masks in your photos, download the free Photoshop Colour Control … Read More

Digital Blending
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You Know the Theory, Now Make It Click Landscapes Masterclass Digital Blending Workflow: No HDR, No Plugins Thanks for finding your way here, where you will find detailed tips, tricks and guides on how to perfect your landscape photos through … Read More

Photography Fundamentals
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The Learning Curve The learning curve series contains the most detailed long-form tutorials about landscape and cityscape photography on Lapse of the Shutter. These were written for any photographers, from beginner to advanced, who want to improve their photography post-processing … Read More

Photoshop Landscape Colour Grades
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Want to Understand Landscape Colour Grading in Photoshop? One totally free download … 10 Stackable One-Click Landscape & Cityscape Colour Grades Boost Sunsets, Streetlights, Blue Hour and more … Learn How to Create Your Own Colour Grades Easy to install … Read More

The Library
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  Welcome to the Library!   This is a place for those of you interested in landscape photography and cityscape photography. It’s fun, right? We all know the buzz of excitement when you finally get a photo just how you … Read More

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