Make Boring Night Photos Look Amazing in Lightroom
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Learn how to process and fix night time and blue hour photos in Lightroom. You’ll want to look at this if you didn’t get the sunset or blue hour you wanted, but don’t want to be left with a dull, boring photo. These simple techniques in Lightroom can boost the colours and street lights in blue hour city photos to create something impressive.

How to Edit Fine Art Photos in Lightroom
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Learn how to quickly and easily go from taking snapshots to taking photos that can be turned into fine art, like in this photo of Venice. There are three quick tips on how to take the photo and how to process it in Lightroom to create something that you would be proud to have on your wall.

This is a good introduction to using targeted white balance adjustments, graduated and radial filters, the adjustment brush, and range masks in Lightroom.

How to Turn On Streetlights in Lightroom
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Learn how to turn on streetlights in daylight photos to simulate a night-time effect, in Lightroom.

Unlock Photoshop-Like Powers in Lightroom
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Learn how to unlock Photoshop-like powers in Lightroom using the totally free Lightroom Develop System.

What is the Lightroom Develop System?
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See the totally free Lightroom Develop System in action, and learn how to use it to make amazing photos.

Lightroom Develop System
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Want to Create Beautiful Landscape Photos Entirely in Lightroom? Fully Stackable Dynamic Range, Colour, Tone & Stylisations Presets and Brushes A Guided Workflow to Quickly & Easily Develop Your Own Personal Style Unique Colour Grades for Pristine Colour Control Access … Read More

SmugMug vs Squarespace for Photographers: Read This FIRST…
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Compare Smugmug vs Squarespace for photographers to find the site builder that is right for you.

Adobe Portfolio vs Squarespace: The ACTUAL Best is …
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Compare Adobe Portfolio vs Squarespace in this article looking at the two site builders and which is the best one for photographers wanting to build a portfolio site.

How to Start a Photography Business with No Experience
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Read this complete guide to how to start a photography business with no experience if you are wanting to make money from your photography but don’t know where to start.

10 Best Canon Lenses for Family Portraits (for a FAIR Price)
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If you want to know which is the best Canon lens for family portraits for a fair price, then this article is just for you.

Learn all about what you should be looking for in a Canon portrait lens, and see reviews of the top lenses in this field.

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