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Lens Flare Lightroom Presets 1

Take a look at these 10 Lightroom flare presets, to let you add optical flares and sun rays to your images in Lightroom.

Presets Included:

  • Golden Hour Rays
  • Radiant Dawn
  • Vintage Flare Nostalgia
  • Urban Sun Flares
  • Golden Hour Glow
  • Cinematic Streaks
  • Retro Flashback Flicker
  • Neon Night Glow
  • Bright Sky
  • Overcast Sky Light Leaks

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Lens Flare Lightroom Preset

These 10 light flare presets for Lightroom are free, by clicking the download button below. Some of these presets add sun rays while some add lens flare or simulate the effects of 35mm film being exposed to sunlight during the development process.

These presets work best when applied to images that already have some sunlight in them. You can add sun rays to your photos in Lightroom by following the steps in the adding light tutorial.

1. Golden Hour Rays

Perfect for adding warm, golden sun rays, ideal for late afternoon or early morning shots.

Lens Flare Lightroom Presets
Lens Flare Lightroom Presets

2. Radiant Dawn

Designed to simulate the fresh, bright light rays of early morning.

Lens Flare Lightroom Presets
Lens Flare Lightroom Presets

3. Vintage Flare Nostalgia

Emphasizes a classic, retro light leak effect reminiscent of old film.

Lens Flare Lightroom Presets
Lens Flare Lightroom Presets

4. Urban Sun Flares

Crafted for urban scenes, adding dynamic sun rays between buildings.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

5. Bright Sky

Light leaks coming from the top of the frame.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

6. Retro Flashback Flicker

Simulates the random light flickers and leaks of old film cameras.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

7. Cinematic Streaks

Adds a dramatic, movie-like light leak.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

8. Golden Hour Glow

Mimics the golden glow of the sun’s light leaking into the frame.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

9. Overcast Sky Light Leaks

Designed for overcast skies to improve the lighting.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

10. Neon Night Glow

For a modern, urban feel, with bright, neon-colored light leaks.

Sun Rays Lightroom Presets
Sun Rays Lightroom Presets

Lens Flare Presets for Lightroom Mobile

You can use these sun rays Lightroom presets for Lightroom Mobile by first installing them to your desktop version of Lightroom, syncing them to the cloud, and then they should become available in Lightroom Mobile, as in this article from Adobe.

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