Lightroom Presets Free Download ZIP 2021

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If you are looking for free presets for Lightroom, then you have come to the right place!

This article is a compilation of my best Lightroom presets for free download and Lightroom mobile presets for free download in a handy ZIP file.

You can download free presets for Lightroom by following the links below – no email required – and you can get access to my free professional Lightroom presets by signing up to get the Lightroom Develop System.

If you don’t have any photos to use these presets on, then you can download free RAW photos to edit in the linked article.

Lightroom Presets Free Download ZIP

Lightroom Presets Free Download ZIP

Download Lightroom presets in a Lightroom presets free download ZIP file below. Each of these free Lightroom overlays are separated into appropriate subjects for your photos, but many work across different kinds of images.

These are all one-click presets that are very easy to use. If you don’t know how, then read the article on how to install Lightroom presets.

You are free to use these on any on your published images, but I would appreciate a link back to if you do 😀

Winter Lightroom Presets Free Download

Free Winter Lightroom Presets
Download 10 free winter presets for Lightroom, including a Lightroom snow preset, to give your winter photos an edge.

These are 10 free winter presets for Lightroom. Download now by following the link.

Urban Lightroom Presets Free Download ZIP

Urban Lightroom Presets
This Lightroom preset pack includes 10 free urban Lightroom presets which can be used to add grittiness to buildings, or to simply boost a general city scene.

Get 10 free urban Lightroom presets by following the link.

Lightroom Night Presets Free Download

Lightroom Presets for Night Photos
Get 10 free Lightroom Night Presets, designed to boost your high contrast night photos and give you an excellent starting point for your editing.

There are 10 free Lightroom night presets available for download.

Moody Lightroom Presets Free Download

Moody Lightroom Presets
Get a Lightroom presets pack of 10 free moody Lightroom presets, to turn your photos dark and mysterious.

Get 10 free moody Lightroom presets.

Lightroom Film Presets Free Download

Free Film Presets for Lightroom
Get 9 free film presets for Lightroom, covering popular 35mm films including a Kodak Portra 400 Lightroom preset.

There are 9 free film presets for Lightroom available for immediate download.

Sunset Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Sunset Presets
Get 10 free Lightroom sunset presets, including Lightroom presets for sunrise and golden hour Lightroom presets. All available for free download now.

There are 10 Lightroom sunset presets for you to download.

Lightroom HDR Presets Free Download ZIP

Free Lightroom HDR Presets
Get the 10 best free HDR presets for Lightroom in this free download. These presets are perfect for high contrast scenes and to really make your photos pop.

10 free Lightroom HDR presets are available for download now.

Lightroom Portrait Presets Free Download ZIP

Lightroom Free Portrait Presets
Download these free portrait Lightroom presets to spice up your images and make your portrait photography stand out.

See the free portrait Lightroom presets and download now through the link.

Travel Lightroom Presets Free Download

Travel Lightroom Presets Free Download
Get a preset pack containing 10 free Lightroom presets for travel photography, suitable for all sorts of travel photography. See some examples and get the free download inside.

Get 10 Lightroom Presets for travel photographers for download right now.

Lightroom Presets Black and White Free Download

Free Black and White Lightroom Presets
Get 10 free black and white presets for Lightroom. See some examples of the presets and download now.

Download 10 black and white presets for Lightroom now.

Lens Flare Lightroom Preset

Lens Flare Lightroom Presets 1
Get 10 free sun rays Lightroom presets, which include lens flare Lightroom presets. All are available to download now.

Get 10 sun rays Lightroom presets to mimic sun rays and light flares in your images.

Premium Lightroom Presets

There are many excellent premium presets available at 123 Presets, with thousands available in total, all for a very reasonable price, and get 30% off with code WINTER30 until 28 Feb 2022.

Lightroom Mobile Presets Free Download ZIP

All of the above images are suitable free presets for Lightroom mobile. In order to use them with Lightroom Mobile though, you will need to go through a few steps to sync them to the cloud.

Follow the info on Adobe’s site to learn how to sync your desktop presets to mobile.

Free Professional Lightroom Presets

If these presets have whetted your appetite for more, or you just want more detailed presets that offer you more control over your images, then you can get access to free professional Lightroom presets by signing up for my newsletter, which will give you access to every one of my free resources, including the Lightroom Develop System.

The Lightroom Develop System is a guided set of over 1000 presets that allows you to easily apply different styles in varying proportions to quickly perfect your images.


Get free Capture One Styles

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