XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro vs Elfin (REAL WORLD Test)

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Both the MoGo 2 Pro and the Elfin are two of XGIMI’s smallest, most portable projectors.

They come in at similar price points and on paper look very similar. But what are the differences?

I own both projectors and have rigorously tested them side-by-side, and will give you the lowdown in this review of which one is right for you.

xgimi mogo 2 pro vs elfin comparison

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro vs Elfin: Overview

My Top Pick

Top Portable Projector

XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro
  • tick Best 1080p picture quality
  • tick Superior color reproduction
  • tick Stronger bass response
  • tick Uninterrupted autofocus and uninterrupted keystone with ISA 2.0
  • tick Android TV 11.0
With the best sound performance of any portable projector I’ve tested, plus exceptional picture quality even at large image sizes, the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is my top pick for a small, 1080p projector.
Even better, you can now power this with a 65W battery pack via USB-C, making it ideal for camping, RV’ing and use away from home.

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Portable & Powerful

  • tick Fantastic 1080p image quality
  • tick Loud speakers outperform their 3W rating
  • tick Bright enough to use in indirect daylight
  • tick ISA 1.0 auto keystone and autofocus
  • tick Android TV 10.0
If you’re looking for a small, portable projector that can actually deliver an image bright enough to use during daytime, then the XGIMI Elfin fits the bill perfectly.
Although best suited for night-time viewing where you’ll have no problems getting a 100-inch picture, the Elfin offers powerful sound and accurate colors, combined with some clever auto-setup options that makes it a treat to use anywhere in the home.

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XGIMI Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro: Quick Comparison

Differences between the XGIMI Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro
XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro
XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro
  • tick 1080p
  • tick 1080p
  • tick Very easy
  • tick Very easy
Autofocus and auto keystone
  • tick ISA 2.0 uninterrupted & super fast
  • cross ISA 1.0 interrupts your viewing
Remote Controls
  • cross Lacks dedicated focus button
  • tick Includes button to auto-adjust focus
Color Reproduction
  • tick Fanstastic colors
  • cross Slightly muted colors
Supported Apps
  • tick Android TV 11.0
  • cross Android TV 10.0 (but still supports most apps)
Sound Quality
  • tick Rich bass response and loud speakers
  • cross Lacks bass but is loud
  • tick Can be powered by 65W USB-C powerbank
  • cross Needs a plug socket
Fan Noise
  • tick Averages 37-decibels – very quiet
  • cross Averages 48-decibels – noticeable in quiet scenes
Daylight Usage
  • cross Can’t be used in direct sunlight
  • cross Can’t be used in direct sunlight
  • tick 10/10
  • tick 9/10

Setup & Ease of Use

Setup is very similar between the two projectors, particularly if you use an Android phone as you can just transfer across your account and WiFi details with a couple of clicks.

You will be up and running within a couple of minutes, without having to read any instruction manuals.

The main differences between the MoGo 2 Pro and Elfin are:

  • The MoGo 2 Pro has uninterrupted auto keystone and autofocus, meaning that the screen doesn’t switch to the grid seen on the Elfin.

See the MoGo 2 Pro uninterrupted auto keystone and autofocus in the video below.

By contrast, the Elfin shows a grid for the auto keystone, and an auto focus overlay.

XGIMI auto keystone
Auto keystone screen on the Elfin
Elfin autofocus
Elfin autofocus overlay
  • Obstacle avoidance is the same on both models, with the MoGo 2 Pro also showing the same auto keystone grid as the Elfin if you switch object avoidance on, although auto focusing is still uninterrupted. See this in the video below.
  • The MoGo 2 Pro has an eye protection feature that automatically reduces brightness if it detects a person in front of the projector, which is a fantastic feature if you have kids or pets.
MoGo 2 eye protection
  • The MoGo 2 Pro also comes with batteries for the remote, unlike the Elfin.
xgimi mogo 2 pro vs elfin remote
(left) MoGo 2 Pro remote and Elfin remote (right)
mogo 2 pro batteries
MoGo 2 Pro batteries for the remote


Both projectors are small and portable, with both weighing between 2 and 3 lbs all in with the power cords and remotes.

The MoGo 2 Pro is slightly more portable, as in addition to weighing a little less, it can also be powered by 65W USB-C power banks, while the Elfin requires a wall socket.

mogo 2 pro ports
MoGo 2 Pro

The MoGo 2 Pro has:

  • USB-C (for power)
  • USB-A
  • HDMI
  • 3.5mm audio jack
elfin ports

The Elfin has:

  • Standard power socket
  • USB-A
  • HDMI
  • 3.5mm audio jack

So other than the power issue, they are both about as portable as each other, with their respective shapes probably more important for portability purposes.

xgimi elfin vs mogo 2 pro

Picture Quality

Although picture quality on paper looks the same, there are noticeable differences when the projectors are run side-by-side.

The MoGo 2 Pro has:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 400 ISO Lumens brightness

The Elfin has:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 800 ANSI Lumens brightness

It’s clear that the MoGo 2 Pro offers better colors and slightly better contrast, although the Elfin is still very good on its own.

Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro

Sometimes there is a noticeable color cast on each of the projectors, but it can be quite difficult to tell which has the most “correct” colors.

xgimi mogo 2 pro vs elfin picture quality
(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right). You can see the color cast of each model.

Closeup, it can be very difficult to tell the projectors apart.

(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right)
(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right)
(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right)
(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right)

And at very large screen sizes, the differences tend to be less obvious.

Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro
(left) MoGo 2 Pro vs Elfin (right)

Compare the picture quality of the two projectors in the video below.

Despite the differing brightnesses of 400 ISO Lumens for the MoGo 2 Pro nad 800 ANSI Lumens for the Elfin, in practice both projectors are similarly bright.

Under lighbulbs, both can just about be used.

mogo 2 pro vs elfin under lightbulbs
(left) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (right)

Under brighter daylight, it can be difficult to see either projector’s display.

Elfin vs MoGo 2 in daylight
(top) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (bottom)

But simply drawing the curtains will make it dark enough for both projectors to give a really impressive performance.

Elfin vs MoGo 2 in day with the curtains drawn
(top) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (bottom)

And at night both projectors give a lovely picture.

Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro at night
(top) Elfin vs MoGo 2 Pro (bottom)

Looking at the above image, you can clearly see a more purple tint to the MoGo Pro 2 when compared with the Elfin, which gives much richer colors.

You can see a quick video test of both projectors under differing lighting in the video below.

Sound Quality

Sound is noticeable better with the MoGo 2 Pro, with improved bass repsonse and louder speakers.

It’s not a match for a dedicated sound setup, but most people will be more than happy with the sound from either of these, but particularly the MoGo 2 Pro.

Check out a sound comparison of both below.

The MoGo 2 Pro also has a quieter fan than the Elfin, averaging around 37-38 decibels right next to the back of the projector, compared with 47-48 decibels for the Elfin.

In practice, I never hear the Elfin when watching a movie, but can hear the Elfin in quiet moments.

You can see a test of this in the video below.

XGIMI MoGo Pro 2 vs Elfin: Which is Best?

xgimi mogo 2 pro vs elfin comparison

The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro and Elfin projectors are both very similar, and both have a lot of overlap in the kinds of people they would be best suited for.

In my opinion, the MoGo 2 Pro is the better projector. It has better colors and sound, and can be powered by a USB-C powerbank (although a 65W bank with a high capacity are currently quite expensive).

The shape of the Elfin is better suited to sitting on a shelf in your home, as it takes up very little space and can be easily tucked away almost out of sight.

The MoGo 2 is always going to be more obvious and you probably wouldn’t want to leave it out after use – this will need a drawer to live in.

Still, the downsides of the MoGo 2 Pro are minimal, and as these projectors are very similarly priced, I would have no hesitation in recommending the MoGo 2 Pro.

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