How Big Is a 24 Inch Monitor?

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A standard 24 inch monitor is 24-inches diagonally, but is typically 21-inches wide and 13-inches tall for the display panel. The stand then adds further height.

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a good monitor. This is a special area of interest for those who have to work long hours or want to play games endlessly. Either way, here are the basics you need to know to nail your purchase.

how big is a 24 inch monitor

How to Measure a 24-Inch Monitor?

24 inch monitor size

We’ll compare a 24-inch vs 27-inch monitor for a clearer understanding of the relative sizes, to help you understand how big is a 24 inch monitor.

24 Inch Monitor Dimensions

Width and Height: Typically, 24-inch monitor will have a width of 20-21 inches and a height of 12-13 inches, while 27-inch monitors have a width of 24 inches and a height of 14 inches. The thickness varies from 2-7 inches depending on the brand. Don’t forget that this is the panel size only – the stand will add extra height.

Resolution: 24-inch monitors have a resolution of 1080p in most case, while 27-inch monitors tend to have a resolution of 1440p. 27 inches is the better choice if you are a gamer looking for a good screen. But you must also take distance from the screen into account.

The other specs you must look into are the trim size, aspect ratio and bezel size. All of this must be checked irrespective of the stand.

How Wide is a 24 Inch Monitor?

A 24-inch monitor is usually 21 inches wide, but the size of the bezel can add an extra inch or two depending on the make and model of the monitor.

How Tall is a 24 Inch Monitor?

A 24-inch monitor is about 13 inches tall excluding the stand, with the stand itself adding up to an additional ten inches for some monitor models.

24 Inch Screen Size in Pixels

The pixel size of your 24-inch screen will vary according to the resolution that you have set, but in most cases, a 24-inch screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels in width and height, for a total pixel size of 2,073,600 pixels.

Is 24 Inches Small for a Monitor?

The simple answer is: not at all, provided that you are comfotable using a 1080p resolution.

It can be harder if you want to have multiple documents open at the same time, but works perfectly well for general productivity.

Note that if you get a larger screen, such as a 32-inch monitor, then you can up your resolution to 4K quite comfortably.

4K just works better, because it is the same as having four monitors with 1080p resolution. And this helps you to keep some distance between yourself and the monitor so as not to strain your eyes.

Take a look at this video for a real-world demonstration of a 24-inch monitor against a larger screen size.

How Far Should You Sit from a 24-Inch Monitor?

The distance between the monitor and your eyes is very important, and there are many opinions on what’s best. It also depends on your own experiments and personal choice.

But if you were looking for a rule of thumb, the idea is to keep your eyes and neck relaxed whether you are working or gaming. So, if you get a 27 inch monitor for gaming, you want enough distance so that you don’t have to move your head left and right because you are too close.

For a 24-inch monitor, if the resolution is 1080p, you want to sit 3.2 feet away from the screen. If the resolution is 1440p QHD, you want to sit about 2.6 feet away. And if the resolution is 4K, you want to sit 1.7 feet away.

Is a 24-Inch Monitor Too Small for 4K Resolution?

Yes, a 24-inch monitor is too small for 4K resolution. This is because the icons and text will appear far too small for you to read at a comfortable viewing distance.

You can increase the scaling in your OS options, but this effectively causes you to lose the benefits of the 4K, as you end up with the same apparent resolution as 1080p.

Scaling in Windows
Scaling Options in Windows

If you were interested in a 4K resolution, I would highly recommend you look into 27 or 32 inch monitors, which are much more suitable for this resolution.

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